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break for School Loop

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break for School Loop

break is a lightweight, native app for accessing School Loop. It aims to provide an easier to use, more feature rich alternative to the official School Loop app. With it, you can:

• Do everything you can do with the official app. Check grades, send LoopMail–it's all there and easier to use than ever.
• Recieve notifications. Grade changed? Got new LoopMail? With break, you're always in the know.
• Access your locker, without your computer or iPad. Need to check on a file? Use the built-in file viewer, or switch over to a dedicated app in a flash.
• Add your own assignments to the gradebook, to see how they affect your grade. Change anything from the weighting of any category to the score of that regraded test and see the results immediately!
• Keep your grades away from prying eyes with an app password. If you have a device with Touch ID or Face ID, you can use it for extra security and convenience.
• Check your grades on the your wrist with the bundled Apple Watch app.
• Take advantage of the latest iOS technologies to enhance your experience. Animation, gestures, 3D Touch, SFSafariViewController…and much, much more!

Plus, break will always be free and open source!
Saagar Jha