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Reiki Energy

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Reiki Energy

You are a Reiki practitioner / Reiki master and you are looking for a complete tool that will give you the best help during your sessions. Developed by a Reiki practitioner, REIKI ENERGY is a comprehensive and user-friendly practice aid application that provides :

• 52 types of care: pre-defined sessions, dedicated to various ailments, and to support physiological systems.
• Display of the different positions as the session progresses, and timer with sound at each position change.
• All basic sessions: chakras balancing, full session and self-treatment.
• A wide range of possibilities to personalize the progress of the sessions according to your feelings and the needs of your consultant: customizable position duration, possibility to change the sound of alert of position change.
• Full session customizable, with the possibility of choosing the positions to be realized or not.
• Possibility to use only the timer function.
• Harmonious and ergonomic graphics for smooth operation.

The Reiki Energy application accompanies you throughout your Reiki sessions. It guides you and allows you to remain completely available to your feelings.
Transmit the energy of Reiki in all serenity...
Camille Alice Barousse