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Japanese Voice Over Clock

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Japanese Voice Over Clock

This app is a simple voice clock. It uses local notifications to tell you the time while music is playing or even in the background, which is very useful when you can't see your iPhone screen.

The voice is only in Japanese and there are no ads. If you need an English or Italian voice, please use our free app “Voice Over Clock”. Additional information can be found in the “App Information” section of the app.

■ About URL Scheme

(Format) voclockjp://aa/bb/cccc/dddd or vocjp://aa/bb/cccc/dddd

aa: on, off, or time (announces current time)
bb: Time Interval
cccc: Start Time, 24-hour, 4 digits (hhmm)
dddd: Stop Time, 24-hour, 4 digits (hhmm)
Takafumi AMANO