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scientific Calculator S+

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scientific Calculator S+

Calculator S - free Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch with history and transfer data functions, iMessage included.

Is one application for all of your devices. It will be useful for everyday and complicated arithmetic calculations. We wish you convenient operation and easy calculations.

1. Two user-friendly interfaces. Scientific calculator is available in portrait and landscape modes.
2. Calculations performed in degrees and radians.
3. Calculations history and constants savings on your device.
4. Calculations transfer via cloud computing service iCloud and iMessage.
5. Memory management functions for multistage calculations.
6. Formula for calculations display and its further editing.
7. Copying of formula for calculations and results to clipboard.
8. Usage of calculation history data in further calculations.
9. Useful widget application with quick access to main calculator app.
10. Search comments in your history via Spotlight.
11. Apple Watch app with constants transferring data with iPhone app.
Oleksandr Yakobshe