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Climbing Grades Converter

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Climbing Grades Converter

Ever wonder what your climbing grade is in another system? Ever want to compare grades between different styles of climbing? Well worry no longer! In any country, for any climbing rating system, Climbing Grades Converter is a simple, elegant and intuitive tool that seamlessly transitions between climbing grades, for any type of climbing, anywhere you go. Featuring comparable scales for Sport, Trad, and bouldering, this integrated, custom designed app brings beta to the crag at a touch of tape-covered fingers.

The easy to use grade converter allows you to select which grades you want to use, and what you’re most familiar with for it to guide you through how to compare your climbing difficulty for any system! Simply select which styles and climbing modes you want to compare and then use the grade slider to flip between different difficulties!

Apple Watch:
CGC now have a Apple watch app so you easily can translate you grades in a tap by the crag!

With Climbing Grades, you’ll get access to all of these climbing systems and history their history:

Bouldering grades:
• French Fontainebleau grades
• American Hueco V-scale
• British The Gill 'B' system
• British technical grades
• Japanese Dankyu system

Route grades:
• French numerical grades
• American (Yosemite Decimal System)
• British (Technical)
• British adjectival Ewbank
• (Australia) Ewbank
• (South Africa) Union
• Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA)
• Swedish / Norwegian
• Finnish
• Saxon
• Brazilian

So what are you waiting for? Download this free app and you’re ready to rock! Climb hard my friends, climb hard!
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