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Watch Recorder

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Watch Recorder

With the Apple Watch alone, voice recording is possible.
This is a voice memo application for Apple Watch.

Recording can be done from the Apple Watch in cases where iPhone cannot be used.
(Provided that permission was granted, just aim the microphone towards the other party and start recording)

"Watch Recorder. "
Try it for 3 months free!

Using with the iPhone application allows you to delete audio recordings, modify the filename, attach recordings to e-mail or notes, or transfer via Facebook Messages or LINE application. It also makes it easy to save to Dropbox and Evernote.

With the Complication feature of Apple Watch, the ‘Watch Recorder’ icon is displayed in the watch screen. Start recording with the touch of a button.

After the 3-month trial,
you can continue using the application for only US$1.99 every year.

After the trial has ended and you did not subscribe/purchase,
playback and recording using the Apple Watch only is possible to use.

This app supports Apple Watch version 2.0 and above.

How to update Apple Watch software:
1. In your iPhone, go to the Watch app.
2. Click on General --> Software Update
3. After downloading the software update, the apple watch will be automatically updated.

Subscription Information

Users are given a 3-month FREE trial period to use the iPhone and Watch recorder.

What happens after the 3-month-trial-period expires?

Users can still record audio from their Apple Watch however the editing and sharing functionalities will not be available to the user since these are only available within the iPhone component. (which will be disabled once trial expires or subscription is not renewed)

So to enjoy the full capabilities of the app, we encourage to subscribe to our service.

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