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Self Checkout

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Self Checkout

Self Checkout allows you to monitor how you're feeling on a day-to-day basis in an attempt to improve your overall mental wellness. Not feeling so great? Take a look at your Self Care Checklist and be reminded of what makes you feel better! Self Checkout creates a space for you to learn about and take care of yourself.

- Check in to log moods, triggers, location, steps, and more
- View your check in history through graphs and details views
- Create a self care checklist
- Set up notifications to remind you to check in and complete self care tasks
- Export your data as a spreadsheet to share with professionals
- Easy access to mental health resources
- Apple Watch app for quick check ins

Self Checkout integrates with the Health app on your device to allow you to track your activity with every check in.

We're happy to help, and we'd love to get your feedback!
Email us at [email protected] or find us on Twitter at @selfcheckoutapp

Don’t worry, Self Checkout does not want your personal data! All your data remains on your device, and no personal data is sent to a server. We do collect non-personal analytical data to improve your experience and keep you coming back for more.

About the Developers:
This app was designed and developed by Bridget Strawn, Belen Martinez, and Evan Sobkowicz. Cody Swing, Jeffery Rosen, and Sarah Shultz also contributed to this project. Self Checkout was developed by students as part of an Emerging Media course at Ithaca College.
Evan Sobkowicz