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Fitness Online

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Fitness Online

Be in shape is one of the main keys to being successful in life. Without this, there is no energy, no motivation and finally no success. We believe that our physical condition directly affects our way of thinking. Do you agree? If so, we’ve created something amazing for you…

Here is your new pocket guide with lots of exercises and workouts!

In order to be in shape and have great results whether it burns fat or gain muscles or whatever it is, we need to shock our body with the new exercises all the time. We just cannot do the same workout 3 months in a row.

So we solved it and also added some other great stuff:
- Updates with new exercises and workout plan every two month
- Every workout plan has 3 stages - beginner, intermediate, advanced
- Difficulty of workout plans is not categorized by reps and sets
- Instead, each workout has unique combination of exercises that workout your muscles in unusual angles which has huge impact for your muscles
-We know that exercise categorization like abs, back, legs is not enough
- Our categorization categorized every muscle to the parts of its muscle, example - abs - lower abs, upper abs, obliques, beginner, intermediate, advanced, all

With this categorization and updates, your body will get new stuff all the time - you make a change, you get a different new response, with no change, no response, it is the same with our body.

Are you a beginner ? No problem.
- We started making this app for beginners
- There will be over 200 bodyweight exercises that are for beginners, we completed guide how to perform each exercise correctly.

User-friendly interface
- Every muscle group, level or anything else was built to find it immediately with 2 clicks - choose specific muscle - choose the level and you are good to go, if you want to create custom workout - it’s 3 clicks
- Each exercise has features like - HD video, step by step photos with description for each photo, description about exercise, you can add exercise to your custom workout or even save this exercise to your favourite exercises folder

Custom workout
- Simply create as many custom workouts as you want, there is no charge for it, it’s just up to you
- You can combine muscles and add anything you want to your custom workout folder

Responsible customer support
- We would like to build this app with you, so we guarantee to reply on every each email till 1 work day whether you have some question about app, found a bug or even have a suggestion we will be so glad to hear from you

This is definitely not the final product, we are planning to add some great features for you.

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