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Time Guard

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Time Guard

Time Guard not just gives you an overview about your achieved working times, current amount of holidays and flextime, but also keeps you informed by Push-Notifications when you reach the amount of daily and maximum allowed working time.

Doing so, Time Guard can automatically track your entering and leaving times for locations you define in settings, either based on geo-locations or on iBeacons for an even more fine-grained indoor recognition. Of course you also can track your times manually at any time, especially for holidays, flexdays and illness-days so that your flextime amount and current holiday is always up-to-date.

Time Guard includes the following features:
- Configure your daily amount of work (constant or individually per day of week), your amount of weekly work, maximum work, fixed & flexible pause, amount of annual holidays, current amount of flextime, monthly or weekly flextime subtraction and flextime scale to configure time period within which flextime will be added.
- display effective average working time of the last 6 months
- display average working time of last 6 months according to §3 ArbZG
- Push-Notification when reaching the amount of daily and maximum working time
- Configuration of locations by comfortable address-search or by defining iBeacon parameters.
- for geolocation-monitored regions you can define an offset in minutes which gets automatically added on arrival and subtracted on departure.
- Automatical tracking of times for your configured locations even when the app is not running and without affecting the battery-life negatively.
- Overview about single times, daily and weekly working times as list, chart diagrams or in a scrolling calendar view.
- Manual tracking of working times, short-time working, block time, holidays, flexdays and illness-days
- Adding a note to a single time.
- 3D-Touch on Home-Screen Icon for an even faster adding of new entries (iPhone 6s or newer)
- 3D-Touch Peek&Pop on time-overview (iPhone 6s or newer)
- Overview in Today Extension of Notification Center
- Export times as CSV via email
- monthly time sheets
- Import times (inkl. from Geofency and Hours Tracker)
- tap on hour-label in Startscreen to show latest possible leaving time
- automatic registration of travel-time between two monitored regions
- Apple Watch support
- iOS 13 DarkMode
- sync time entries one-way down to a selected calendar

For new requirements, reporting bugs or any feedback please contact [email protected]
Sebastian Vollmer