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Moscow Metro

New convenient routes

With the updated Moscow Metro app, it has become even easier to build routes around the metro and the city! We have increased the launch speed of the service by 3 times, and also changed the principle of navigation.

Build routes around the metro and the city taking into account your preferences: the fastest or with the least number of transfers.

With the help of new filters, you will find out at which stations you can drink coffee, buy flowers and much more.

Now Mosmetro passengers will be able to find out about the occupancy of the cars of the incoming train. The station card will display a train informing about the occupancy of each car in real time. And also added a function that shows how long the train will arrive.

When you select a station, a card appears in the application where you can view useful information about it. If, for example, an escalator is being repaired nearby, you will be able to see the details of these works, including the timing.

Metro exits and nearby transport are combined into a single block so that passengers can easily find their stop. This is complemented by a map of the city, with which it is easy to build a further path if the user prefers walking.


The city map has become much better and more informative. Now you can build routes on public transport, car or bicycle on the city map and follow them. Also added useful features such as traffic jams, search by category, save favorite places to favorites, view the history of your routes and much more.

Passenger's personal account

The application now has a personal account where you can manage the Troika card online.
Now, when linking the Troika card to an account in your personal account, do not worry about losing the card – the balance can be transferred to another card.
Set up automatic replenishment or notification of a decrease in the card balance.
Get points under the loyalty program "City" for replenishing the "Troika" card.
Keep a history of trips and operations performed.

Chatbot of Alexander

Everything you wanted to know about the subway, but didn't know where to ask. Our chatbot will quickly and amiably answer any questions online.

Now passengers will not need to waste time searching for the necessary information. In a matter of seconds, a virtual interlocutor will help you make an application for the maintenance of the Central control center and the warehouse of forgotten things, give a historical reference about the metro, tell you about the operating mode of stations and closures during repairs, tell you all the necessary addresses and contacts, connect you with the operator if you do not want to communicate with artificial intelligence, and much more.

Alexandra will continue to study, combining it with her main job. We will definitely report on her skills.

Other updates

A dark theme has appeared in the application.

The news section has been updated. Now the news is divided into 3 categories:

Important, where up-to-date information about restrictions on metro lines is collected;

News, where the latest news related to the Moscow Metro will be published

The official Twitter account of the Moscow Metro for operational information about the work of the metro.
ГУП Московский Метрополитен