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Caf Calc

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Caf Calc

Caffeine is one of the most addicting legal drugs in the world today. Overconsumption of caffeine can lead to many short and long term health issues. Luckily, an app named Caf Calc came along. Caf Calc helps keep users under a customized safe caffeine limit. It works in three extremely simple steps: Choose the drink category, choose the specific drink, and chose a drink size. After that, the caffeine amount you've drank is instantly added to Health and toward your daily limit. Lets answer some questions:

"How does it do that?" a user asks. Well Caf Calc takes your weight, age, and gender and mashes them up with an advanced algorithm to generate the proven safe amount of caffeine for you specifically.

"I know my limit, now what?" the very same user responds. Caf Calc allows you to enter the caffeine you've drank in that day in just three easy steps. First, choose one of six drink categories, then select the specific drink from a large selection of 65+ different drinks, then simply adjust the size of the drink and hit save, and voila! The caffeine you just drank has been calculated and counted.

"Is there integration with the Health app?" asks the user. Why yes of course! Health is an amazing data pool for all sorts of health information. This is where Caf Calc grabs your weight, age, and gender. Whenever you enter in your drink amount and hit that "Save" button, the caffeine you just drank is added directly to the Health app. This allows for other applications, such as a heart monitoring app, to grab that data and for you to see cool graphs.

"What if I change my weight in the Health app?" our user friend asks. Every time you open Caf Calc, it synchronizes with the Health app and pulls your weight, age, and even gender just in case any of those have changed. Right then and there, a new limit for you is calculated.

"That sounds very nice then! How do I download the app?" says the technologically challenged user. Well, all you have to do is click the button on the top left! It shan't be too hard. After that, open up the app, go through the simple setup process, and you'll be tracking your caffeine in just three steps!

NOTE: App does not track caffeine on iPad because of the lack of the Health app. Users can still use it to check the caffeine content of drinks, though.
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