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Milk Time

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Milk Time

The app Milk Time lets you easily track “nursing,” “milk,” “milking,”
“diaper changes,” and “sleep.”

The design has been revamped in version 4.0.0.
Added alarm setting for diapers.
Added the function to cancel set alarms.
Siri shortcut settings can now be set on the settings screen.
Help screens for data sharing, etc. added.

The design has been revamped in version 3.0.0.
The daily summary information, etc. is now even easier to read!
Woke up" is now displayed at the end date and time of sleep data.
Display of sleep time has been changed to show sleep time by date.

We have added the chart function from version 2.7.
You can see your baby's height and weight record in the chart.

We supported Widgets from version 2.6
Keep up with childcare record from your home screen.

We supported Apple Watch from version 2.5.
You can record nursing timer, milk timer, milking timer, diapers and sleep on your Apple Watch.
You can also check your next nursing time, nursing interval, etc. on your Apple Watch.

We added the reminder function of vaccination from version 2.3.
If you record your vaccination schedule, you will be reminded of the next vaccination day that you will likely forget with the remind.

Siri shortcut is supported from version 2.2.
You can start the timer with only your voice without touching your iPhone.

From version 2.0, we support data sharing.
You can share your data with your family by using Google accounts.
To share your data, share your Google account and password with those who you want to share your data with.
Please follow the steps below to start sharing your data.

For existing users:
Settings screen -> Synchronize data -> Tap ”Account“ -> Login

For new users:
Start screen -> Tap "Start with a Google account" -> Login

We interviewed mothers who are in the middle of raising children, and
actualized the features they wanted.
When a baby begins to nurse soon after birth, it’s easy and simple to
make a record log.
We have set it up so that you can see daily logs, and get a sense of a
baby’s lifestyle cycle at a glance.
An alarm will sound at the next nursing time so you don’t forget.
While nursing, a timer will let you know when to switch from left to right.

This app’s features:

* Easily track nursing, milk, milking, diaper changes, and sleep.
* With the widget, launch the app quickly! You can start
nursing in an instant.
* You can easily record nursing, milk, milking, diapers and sleep on your Apple Watch!
* After a set time, an alarm will sound for nursing, milk, and milking.
* Timer will let you know during nursing when to switch from left to right.
* Support backup and restore your data by using Google drive.

These sorts of users should try Milk Time:

* People who want to easily track nursing and milk.
* People who want to be notified at next nursing time with an alarm.
* People who want to know their baby’s next nursing time and nursing intervals.
* People who want timer functions during nursing,
* People who want an easy-to-use-app.

* The note supports items listed below.
· Breast Feeding
· Milk (milking breast milk)
· Milking
· Diaper
· Sleep
· Baby Food
· Body Temperature
· Medicine
· Vaccination
· Height
· Weight
· Bath
· Walk
· Other notes