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Motivational Daily Bible Verse

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Motivational Daily Bible Verse

This app will give you one motivational Bible verses daily in the morning. Next morning you will get another inspiring quote specially chosen for you. You will love these verses and these encouraging Bible quotes will help you to achieve great goals and success in your life. Try this Daily Bible verses for encouragement and success for free.

- Daily push notification
- Highly curated motivational quotes from The Holy Bible.
- Share your favorite quotes with friends and family
- Share as text quote and images.
- Download the quote to your phone and set it as wallpaper.
- Share on different social media and to email.

Language support
- English
- Chinese
- Danish
- Dutch
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Thai
- Vietnamese
- Albanian
- Arabic
- Bulgarian
- Czech
- Hebrew
- Hindi
- Hungarian
- Icelandic
- Maori
- Marathi
- Nepali
- Norwegian
- Oriya
- Polish
- Punjabi
- Romanian
- Somali
- Tamil
- Ukrainian
- Urdu
- Welsh

Enjoy all the Jesus and Christian pictures added in this app. Photos of Mother Mary, Saint Joseph and others are added. A lot of Holy Cross pictures are also added in this app. Bible verses in this app are a great source of energy for your soul. Enjoy the positive energy available in this app.
Sooppi Moossa Kutty