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What Is My Speed?

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What Is My Speed?

Track your speed on your iPhone while driving, bicycling, running or walking.
See your course and altitude at all times.

Optionally set a speed limit and get audible warnings on your iPhone when you exceed it. Reduce the speed limit to zero or extend it over the maximum to turn off speed limit warnings.

Designed for easy viewing in all light conditions and with very accessible swiping to change the speed limit quickly and easily.

If you want more detailed information, tap the info button to see a complete list of available data about your current location.

Your current iPhone settings are used to set the default units for speed and altitude, but these are easily changed after tapping the info button.

To adjust the speed limit, swipe from side to side. Or tap the speed limit indicator to expand it for easier viewing and then swipe to increase or decrease the speed limit. Tap again to shrink the speed limit indicator or leave it for a few seconds and it will shrink automatically.

Use the slider to adjust the screen brightness for maximum visibility.

No ads, no in-app purchases - you get the complete app for the price of a cup of coffee.