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EV Watch for Tesla

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EV Watch for Tesla

Take advantage of Apple Watch complications by displaying your vital Tesla information on your watch face. EV Watch makes important information like charge state, door locks, and temperature available at a glance! It also enables Apple's standard car commands from your watch!

• Support for Apple Watch Complications to always see charge level, door locks, and temperature (with Series 4 complication support)
• Support for Siri voice car commands from your watch (get charge level, lock/unlock doors, honk horn, flash lights). Note that the Tesla app already supports these but only from phone.
• Support for custom set charge level and turn on/off climate Siri Shortcut from either watch or phone.
• Set charge reminders! Avoid surprises by setting nightly reminders.
• Toggle locks, set charge limit, and control climate/sunroof/window vent.
• Multi-Tesla support. Quickly switch between multiple vehicles.
• Today extension shows quick Tesla location, charge, and temperature on your iPhone/iPad Today page
• Secure - Passwords are never stored and tokens are handled by the iOS Keychain.
• Watch app is phone independent (after setup).
• iPad support

• Supports Tesla Model S,X and 3.
• Support for vehicles without "Always Connected" or with it off.

• Note complication updates can take 10-30 minutes due to the security and power considerations.
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