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New Bluesense App supports for wearable.

Features available in Bluesense App for Smart watch.
1 Audio Controls
2 Climate Controls
3 Emergency Assist
4 Location Services
5 Tiretronics
6 Fuel Statistics
7 Door Status
8 Settings

Let’s see all the features in detail,

1. Audio Controls
a. User can control following Audio controls from Smart Watch,
i. Pause
ii. Play
iii. Next song/ station
iv. Previous song/ station
v. Source selection: USB / BAND / BT audio / AUX / iPOD
vi. Volume

2. Climate Controls
a. User can control following Climate controls from Smart Watch,
i. A/C On/Off
ii. AUTO On
iii. Rear A/C On/Off
iv. Inside Temperature information
v. Outside Temperature information

3. Emergency Assist
a. User can connect to Mahindra customer care in case of emergency,
i. By short press on phone icon, call will be trigger to Mahindra Customer Care after user confirmation.
ii. By Long press on phone icon, SMS will be sent to Mahindra Customer Care.

4. Location Services
a. User can have following features in location services,
i. Locate My vehicle – User can find his/her vehicle location (Last parked location).
ii. Share My Location – User can share his/her current location to friends/family.
iii. Fuel Stations Near Me – User can view nearby fuel station on his/her mobile.

5. Tiretronics
a. Smart Watch notifies user, if any of the vehicle tire pressure is Low/High.

6. Fuel Statistics
a. User can view following features in Fuel Statistics,
i. Average Fuel Economy
ii. Distance to Empty

7. Door Status
a. Smart Watch notifies user, if any of the vehicle door is open. (If Vehicle speed > 10Kmph)

8. Settings
a. User can feel vibration on Smart Watch while selecting any of the Bluesense App buttons.

This mobile application is for New Age XUV 500, which enables XUV customers to control Audio and Air-Conditioning (AC) functions.

Also, users can access real time vehicle information like tire pressure, car information such as average fuel economy, distance to empty, etc., and vehicle alerts.

Note: This APP is applicable only for NEW AGE XUV500.
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd