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Paravan Touch

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Paravan Touch

Paravan presents with the new Paravan Touch Display and the additional free Paravan Touch App a new hard and software solution to control the secondary functions inside and outside of your Paravan vehicle.

Door open, ramp out, ignition start, turn signal left… Up to now you had to integrate a lot of small technical helpers for this function in your vehicle, or you had the tedious task of finding the right button on a remote control. Which one was the right button for ramp out? Now everything is much easier and with the surprising ease of touching a screen.

Open the Paravan Touch App on your mobile device and choose the requested command on the touchscreen. Touch the button and the car opens or the ramp goes out. Up to 100 different secondary vehicle functions are available with this new Paravan command system. Please pay attention: Depending on the type of vehicle there may be differences in the serial functions.

The Touch app works only in combination with the complete Paravan Touch Display and the additional Wifi-module (offered as an option) for iPad 3, iPad Air, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Required operation system up to iOS 9.0 or higher. Also for Applewatch (watch OS 1.0)

Functions of the Paravan Touch App (examples):

- Open door
- Look door
- Open window
- Close window
- Drive out cassette lift
- Lower cassette lift
- Go up cassette lift
- Activate hazard lights
- Start ignition
- Activate horn signal
- Operate/Control air conditioner
- more
Paravan GmbH