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Get things done right from your Apple Watch, pomodoro-style.

"To add something to your daily life without too much intrusion or making it complicated, that's what the watch is all about, and I think this app does a great job of that” —Apple WatchCast Podcast

At times, it’s overwhelming to get anything done. With distractions all around, the hardest part is getting started. With silo, you get a little tap on the wrist reminding you to focus and take breaks. Simply put, silo is a little motivator (on your wrist) silently nudging you to get your tasks done.

Focus-Break method
Start with 25 minutes of focus followed by 5-minute breaks in between. Emerging reports show that taking breaks between periods of uninterrupted focus is a healthy way to boost productivity. Having this super power on your Apple Watch, makes it even better.

Using silo on the Apple Watch lets you work in quiet spaces (library or office) without disturbing others nearby. With distraction-free mode (Airplane mode) incoming notifications are muted, so you can focus interruption-free.

Combining To Do’s with the focus-break method gives you the best of both worlds. This combo lets you avoid procrastination and knock out tasks one by one.

How it works
1. Add your top tasks of the day
2. You’ll get a reminder to start
3. Pull up your Apple Watch (or iPhone), and hit FOCUS
4. A tap on the wrist tells you when to take a break
5. Rinse and repeat

Work-hour tracking
While you focus, silo tracks your work-hours. There's nothing else you need to do. Check out your Stats to see hours worked each day or week. If you’ve added a #task to a focus session, you can track time for that task.

Apple Watch Complications
Complications are a quick way to check the session status—and take you directly to the app. Add the silo complication right from your watch or using the watch app on your iPhone.

Silence speaks volumes
With the power of the Apple Watch Taptic Engine, silo silently nudges you without distracting others around you.

- #1 focus timer on Apple Watch
- Haptic feedback for quiet focus
- Total session time now previewed focus button
- Auto-pause between each focus-break
- New short look notifications on watch
- Adjust timer settings from watch
- Distraction-free airplane mode
- Pause a session

- All new watch Complications
- Plan your day in To Do’s
- Add tasks to your focus session
- Reminder to start tasks
- Mark tasks as Done
- tasks also function as focus presets
- Track time with all new Stats
- Stats and tasks backed up to iCloud
- Dark Mode

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] We're always happy to improve the app and your focus!
Omar Hijaz