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Dreams is the savings app that helps you save to realise your dreams and invest in the moments that matter. Download the app, create your first dream and save by using our fun and simple save hacks or by transforming unnecessary expenses into money for your dreams instead. Totally free.

- Let your inspiration run wild and fulfill whatever dream you want to, big or small. Your first apartment, the dream trip or a new wrist watch.

- Save as you like! You choose your own settings - maybe you let the app save automatically to effortlessly achieve your dreams, or by actively managing your savings by accepting challenges and transforming unnecessary expenses into money for your dreams. It’s up to you!

- Save together with your friends in group dreams and achieve joint dreams like concert tickets and trips, or save for a wedding with a loved one in separate accounts.

- Dreams is built on science and uses unique methodology based on behavior economics to help you save money more efficiently.

- Your money is safely saved in a new bank account provided by our bank partner. Your safety is our biggest concern and all data that is received, transmitted and stored is protected by double encryption. Saving with Dreams is just as safe as with your regular bank.

- Saving with a Dreams savings account is completely free of charge!

Get started:

1. Download Dreams free of charge and register an account with your phone number.
2. Connect your bank account to the app.
3. Create your dream and start saving - by yourself or together with friends or family.
4. Pick your save hacks! All savings are automatically transferred from your regular bank account to your new Dreams account.
5. You decide how much and when you want to save - spontaneously when you feel like it, automatically every week, a big sum each month or a little every day.


You can get in touch with us via:
Our in-app support chat function or at

What our users say:

”As I’m scrolling through all of my wonderful dreams, I realise that for the first time I’m actually gonna achieve it!”

”Dreams is almost a little bit too fun to use!”

”I love you! I’m a real spender who never managed to save more than a couple of thousand SEK before. Now I saved 10.000 SEK in less than two months. Such a bloody great app!”

”A really great way to save money. I would have never managed to save this much had it not been for this app!”

”Thanks to you my finances have completely transformed for the better compared to a year ago and I’ve got you to thank for never running out of money anymore!”

”Me and my partner are sooo happy with Dreams. We have never saved this much before!”

”Finally a company that helps people save money instead of spending it. Great idea and I really get why you guys are doing so well!”

Save for what really matters. Your dreams.
Dreams Nordic AB