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Voice Notes for First Aid

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Voice Notes for First Aid

While a first aider is providing help, she/he is constantly communicating with and collecting information about the casualty, other casualties and the accident/situation. Even though this information can be extremely important and life saving, most of the time it's not completely captured because helping the casualty is of higher priority. Writing it down or recording it on a mobile phone would be great but not very practical. Wouldn't it be great if this info was just automatically recorded without limiting your ability to help?

Crafty First Aid Recorder does exactly that. It runs on your Apple Watch and once started it will record everything you, the casualty or a witness says. Being on your wrist, it's not in your way and perfectly positioned to record while your providing first aid.


- Runs and records on Apple Watch even when it's not connected to your iPhone!
- Works independently on iPad, iPhone, paired Apple Watch or iPod.
- A recording on any of your devices, is saved to iCloud and automatically synced to all devices.
- The Apple Watch can be used as a remote control for your iPhone so you can be recording at two different places simultaneously.
- After recordings are made at an accident scene, you can trim and split them into separate recordings with relevant names.
- Every recording has a full timestamp for medical references. When was the casualty last able to talk? When did the ambulance arrive?

Crafty First Aid Recorder turns your Apple Watch and iPhone into a great addition to your first aid kit.

* All Crafty Voice Memos features are included and active. No in-app purchases necessary.
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