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Baby Voice Recorder

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Baby Voice Recorder

Sometimes kids say the funniest things when they’re trying really hard not to.

If you think about it, it’s pretty mind-blowing the way children go from knowing zero words to hundreds of words in just a few short years. Add to this that language, most of the time, doesn’t make a lot of sense, and what you have is a recipe for kids to produce some truly memorable mistakes.

Crafty Family Recorder is an app that helps you these cute and memorable mistakes and share them with friends and family members.


- Runs and records on Apple Watch even if its not connected to your iPhone
- You can remotely control your iPhone to start recording without making it obvious. It's all spontaneity here after all!
- Great trim features to help you record for as long as needed and then only keep the cute bits :-)
- Full Timestamp that so you know when the recording was made.
- Simple and intuitive design enabling almost instantaneous recording.
- Share with family and friends through AirDrop, email, dropbox or open the recording in other apps.
- Works on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!

* All Crafty Voice Memos features are included and active. No in-app purchases necessary.

Download Crafty Family Recorder now and don't miss those cute snippets!
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