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MediWear is a medical ID app designed for your Apple Watch. This allows paramedics and people around you to view your medical conditions & emergency contacts in the event of a medical episode.

Without the need to unlock your phone, your MediWear medical ID can be displayed right from your Watch Face and with a tap, all of your details to be displayed to the person helping you.

Within the app, your emergency contacts are also displayed. Tapping on one of them will call that contact - straight from your Apple Watch.

To use MediWear, simply enter your details and medical conditions on the iPhone app; then launch MediWear from your Apple Watch and all of your details will be displayed.

For better visibility on your Apple Watch, your medical ID can be displayed from a variety of Complications from the Watch Face. This enables viewers to instantly see what medical conditions you have at a glance on your Apple Watch.

MediWear is the perfect companion for displaying your medical ID on your Apple Watch.

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Please note that this app requires an Apple Watch to display your medical ID.
Adam Foot