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This is the FREE Heart Rate Companion app for the biofeedback-enhanced psychological thriller game Nevermind. This app allows you to use your Apple Watch and iPhone to send your Heart Rate information to the Nevermind game (available as a separate purchase on the Mac App store). To use this functionality, both your computer and your iPhone must be on the same WiFi network.


The "Nevermind - Heart Rate Companion" app uses the Apple Health app to assess Heart Rate data via the Apple Watch. For the app to properly function, please ensure that you allow "Nevermind" to access your Health Data when prompted. The "Nevermind" app ONLY gathers data needed to track your Heart Rate. No other Health data is used.


To use with Nevermind:

1 - Download this Nevermind Companion App

2 - Make sure that the Apple Watch app installs alongside it. You may need to go into “Watch” app on your phone to ensure that it has permission to install to your watch.

3 - Make sure that the iPhone Nevermind Companion App and the machine on which you are playing Nevermind are both connected to the same WiFi network.

4 - Launch the app from your phone. Make sure to enable Read Heart Rate data when it asks.

5 - Ensure the Nevermind Heart Rate Companion app is active on the Watch.

6 - Give the Watch app a few moments to start reading your heart rate. You should see it update on the phone shortly thereafter.

7 - Launch Nevermind from your Mac or Windows machine.

When You Are Done Playing:
Press “Stop” on either the iPhone or Watch app and close the iPhone app completely. This will help ensure that everything is ready next time you play the game!

For further details, please visit:

This game has not been evaluated by the U.S. FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The consumer-grade sensors supported by Nevermind are not medical biofeedback devices nor should they be considered medical instruments.
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