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MoneyTalk Telegram

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MoneyTalk Telegram

MoneyTalk is Telegram's new unofficial client enabling users to transfer money directly from the chat box using a mobile number or directly to a card.

We have added new features to the usual Telegram Messenger.

You now have a choice of how to transfer money:

1) Use a mobile number, if you do not know or have forgotten the recipient's card details.
Transfer money to anyone from your Telegram or phone contact lists.
Do not worry, if the recipient does not have our app installed yet. That person will receive an sms with instructions and a link to collect the money.
If the recipient is already a MoneyTalk user, he or she will receive a push notification about the transfer.

2) Use card details, if you know those of your recipient.
Money transfers work for cards issued by any Russian bank in all regions.
To pay a minimum transfer fee, add details of a card that you will be using to receive or transfer money.

Your bank card information is protected in compliance with the international security standards for payment services.

For additional security, you can create a password to access your payment details.
Our app has been developed based on the official Telegram app (code:

We have just added our money transfer SDK.
This is what we have to offer:
Tinkoff Bank