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Hummingbird Moments

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Hummingbird Moments

Hummingbird Moments offers words of wisdom from the universe. Step outside your Moment into a Hummingbird Moment, and return to your Moment with new wisdom.

Flick or Tap to find a new hummingbird, and a new moment. Touch the Moment to cause it to fade. Shift your focus to the beautiful hummingbird !

Touch the wisdom on the iPhone for a new Moment. Swipe the image. Glance at the wisdom for a new Moment on the Apple Watch. Each glance offers a new Moment. For more than a glance, touch the wisdom on the Apple Watch for each new Moment.

999 Hummingbirds in stunning retina resolutions - for iPad and iPhone. A companion Watch App with stunning hummingbird images helps remember the Moments.
SpeckTech Inc.