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Fitolog PRO

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Fitolog PRO

Don’t Go To The Gym Without This App! Fitolog Pro is the perfect fitness tracking app. It does not matter how old you are, or which exercises you do. Fitolog is always your gym companion. The app will log “Weightlifting”, “Cardio” or “Bodyweight” exercises and draw graphs for you to help you analyse your progress and performance.


3 Meta - Exercise Categories:

Weightlifting - with predefined list of 58 basic exercises
Cardio - with predefined list of 8 basic exercises
Bodyweight - with predefined list of 15 basic exercises

Ability to add your own exercises

Logging and graph history up to 6 month
Preview your total weight sum for workouts.

LOG WIZARD: Makes the logging process easy and simple. When REPEAT WORKOUT is selected it automatically propose your next exercise.

If you are using day workout split then by enabling “Day Workout Split” in settings, application will propose you right workout for right day of the week.

It is all about the progress. If the is no progress in the weight exercise for selected period, it will be selected with red background.

Cardio exercises can be logged in 2 ways. Simply add new set (distance and time ) to cardio exercise  or use “Log workout”. With location services enabled it will allow you to record not just the time and distance automatically, but also to record your route and display in on the map. If you don’t want to use location services, application will record your distance using motion detector. This will allow application to be perfectly used with steppers and treadmill.

Keep track of your progress with Weight & Reps graphs for Weightlifting, Time & Distance for Cardio and Reps & Time for Bodyweight exercises.

Play music during workout (Settings -> Select Workout Music) or press the music icon on new workout screen.

Doesn’t require you to create profiles, you may get started as soon as you download this app.

Fitolog PRO for Apple Watch:

Fully functional logging just like in the app itself. The idea is to leave your iPhone in your pocket and do all the logging and tracking directly on your Apple Watch which makes it even easier to use during workouts or any other fitness activity you are doing.
Yauheni Hrynchyk