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Trip Icons

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Trip Icons

Traveling internationally but don’t speak the local language? Trip Icons is a handy translation tool that combines universal and recognizable images with translations, solving the most common problems faced by international travelers.

In Mexico but don't know how to ask where the bathroom is?
In China and looking for the closest metro station?

Tap the icon and a large universal icon accompanied with smart geo-based translations will appear.

NO DATA / WIFI IS NEEDED. The app will automatically detect your current location and translate according to the official language of that country without ever having to change a setting.

All translations have been made and verified by native speakers.

Extensive research has been made and narrowed down to these common situations:
- Where is the toilet?
- Where can I find an ATM?
- Where can I find something to eat around here?
- Where can I find a taxi?
- Where can I find the closest subway station?
- Please take me to the airport.
- Where can I find an electric outlet?
- Could you please help me find my hotel?
- Do you know where I can wifi around here?
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