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If you like cycling, you'll love Bora Bike. Pump those tires, adjust your seat and download the Bora Bike app: You're now ready to rule the road and win cool rewards. The Bora Bike concept is simple: The more you cycle, the more you win.

Cycling makes getting from A to B a pleasure. So what could be better than getting a reward for doing
something fun? That’s Bora Bike's spirit. We’re a mobile platform that maps cyclists’ activities and rewards each one according to the distance they cycle. Companies can use the platform to reward employees who ride to and from work, but it can also be used by every independent cyclist who just wants to conquer the streets and win prizes.

We’ve made it easy for you to start accumulating kilometers. Download the app, go cycle, and track your kilometers in real time. By visualizing your progress, the app keeps you motivated to use your bike even more often. You can then exchange your kilometers for cool rewards in awesome establishments. Kilometers can be converted into whatever you think you deserve – from small treats to big rewards.
And if you're a company looking to boost your people's energy and your sustainability credentials, this simple platform will also reward you with a healthier workforce and lower carbon footprint. It's a win-win for everyone.

Reasons why Planet Earth will thank you for using Bora Bike:
• Zero CO2 emissions
• Reduced noise pollution
• Less traffic congestion
• Less impact on production
• Healthier population

Reasons you’ll thank Bora Bike:
• Gets you there quicker
• Saves bus and subway fares
• Provides regular exercise
• Boosts your immune system
• And, best of all, gets you great rewards

Install the Bora Bike app ASAP!
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Connect with Apple’s Health app to add your ride data to your dashboard.
Use your favorite wearable device, Apple Watch, to start, pause and keep an eye on your ride while going around the city.

Bora Bike uses GPS and other sensors to track user activity. Sensors are activated when a ride is started, and they are deactivated when a ride is paused or finished. For better performance and battery use, do not forget to pause and/or finish your bicycle ride on the app when you are no longer cycling. Continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

The prizes offered are under the sole responsibility of their respective companies. Apple is not involved and does not take any responsibility for the prizes announced in this app.
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