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Journey Creator

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Journey Creator

Now you can easily create your own location-based app! Journey CREATOR gives you multiple ways to enter your data. You can sit at your desk, type in a series of addresses, and our app will create a map of your locations. If you prefer, you can walk around your city and take pictures through the app, and then our app will place those locations on a map.

Journey CREATOR has a "Creator-mode" and a "Viewer-mode". The viewer-mode is your very own fully functional location-based app. For an additional fee, you can export your data and send it to Journey Interactive, where we will turn your information into an app available on the Apple's app store. Many other customized features are available.

Journey CREATOR is perfect for towns who want promote themselves through their own app, or Chambers of Commerce interested in highlighting their members in an app, or small chains looking to connect their affiliate branches, or make deliveries between all of their stores, or architects excited to show off their work, or service companies that have regular sites to maintain, and more.
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