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Key Task

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Key Task

With all those things to do and task lists to keep up with, it's easy to get distracted. Key Task will help you to focus on the one task, that's most important to you and that you really need to get done next.
Therefore, Key Task will only let you create one task. You need to complete this special task, before you can begin a new one. In a history view, you can see all of the Key Tasks you completed in the past.

# iOS Universal
Key Task works on both, iPhone and iPad and supports all devices ranging from the iPhone 4S to the new iPad Pro.

# Today Widget
Pull down notification center to get a quick view of your current Key Task from anywhere in a Today Widget. You can even complete the task inside the widget!

# Apple Watch App
On your Apple Watch, you can create a new task by dictation and complete it as well.

# 3D Touch Home Screen Actions
On devices supporting 3D touch, you get access to useful shortcut actions by 3D touching on the app icon.

# Themes
Key Task offers a dark and a light theme.
Marc Zobec