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The app that was once developed in under 24 hours as part of AstonHack 2015 now comes to iOS and watchOS!

Gnomechild, better than any other virtual assistant out there. Probably.
Gnomechild, the only app you will ever need. Maybe.

Gnomechild won the people's hearts and their votes. Now embrace Gnomechild into your heart and mind and enjoy its epic dankness.

Features include:
- Cutting edge voice recognition.
- Extraordinary linguistic ability.
- Lighting response (dependent on your internet connection) JK.
- The ability to tell you where you are! (Kind of)
- Curing world depression. Maybe.
- Access to an endless amount of responses - Powered by WolframAlpha.
- Gnomechild on your wrist with Apple Watch.

Can I have some example commands?
Please refer to the quick start guide found on the Gnomechild for iOS and watchOS website.

Gnomechild was originally developed as part of AstonHack 2015. We acknowledge there maybe a few bugs here and there. We're working on squashing them, and making Gnomechild even better!
Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear it!

Brandon Williams