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LB-Social version 4 is here!

The original app that gave legacy devices the ability to "multitask" is finally back with an all new user interface. LB-Social has a new goal, and that's to bring Facebook and Twitter together all in one app. You now have to ability to send out the same status to both social networks without having to switch apps or copying and pasting.

Work the way you live.
Read your Twitter and Facebook timeline from directly within the app. No need to switch apps. Soon you'll be able to reply to tweets and even interact with your Facebook statuses from within the app!

Capture the moment.
With the flick of a switch, you can control where your status is sent to. Post to Facebook, Twitter, or even both platforms with just a single tap.

Responsive and fluid user interface.
"Simple" - That's the word we had in mind when developing this app. LB-Social has a very simple and intuitive design with the main focus being the content from Facebook and Twitter. With this simple UI comes fluidity, all of which will help get your status out there quicker and without any problems.

LB-Social for Apple Watch
The power of posting a status... Just using your wrist. Now you can post an update without having to reach for your phone. If you have an Apple Watch, you can compose a status with your voice, or choose from a list of statuses you've already pre-defined in the iOS app. With just a single tap, that status is sent to both Facebook and Twitter within seconds.

You can use LB-Social in three modes:
- Facebook Mode - View and post statuses to Facebook only
- Twitter Mode - View and tweet tweets to Twitter only
- LB-Social Mode - Hybrid of Facebook and Twitter mode.

You will need to create an LB-Social account if you want to use this app to access both social networks.
Brandon Williams