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Be Best Fitness Organizer and Tracker

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Be Best Fitness Organizer and Tracker

Be Best Fitness Organizer is the fitness command center for non-fitness people. It has everything you need in one app, even a community to help you reach your goal. All you need is the desire to get fit.

It connects all healthy lifestyle activities so you don't have to deal with various separate and disconnected apps.

1. Companion Apple Watch app lets you sync workouts from your watch. With the series 2, you can leave your phone at home.

2. When you need a little nudge to keep on your fitness goals, tap the Be Best community for some mutual encouragement and support for free.

3. Its all-in-one design combines calorie counting, workout planning, GPS tracking, goal setting, race/event organizing, and coaching into one app. It can replace multiple apps and thus conserves space on your phone, and there's just one account to manage. And we're planning even more features.

4. Be Best tracks the most nutrients of any calorie counting app in the stores and features powerful ways to combine existing meals into new meals.

5. Be Best shows real-time elevation profile and route map during your workouts. And even works in an offline mode when you are out running or biking in the mountains.

6. Be Best can integrate with iOS Health and Calendar apps to give you flexibility in viewing your data. You are in control.

7. Be Best come with a race or event organizer so you never have to wonder what finish time you got in a 5k race you ran a few years ago.

8. Be Best helps you set goals and tracks your progress with charts. Challenge yourself to be better today than yesterday.

9. Be Best comes with customizable display units. Spotlight search, and Today widgets in Notification Center.

Becoming and staying your best just got simpler!

Be Best is free to download and tryout. Should you choose to use Be Best, we offer two pay-as-you-go options:
$9.99 / 3 month
$34.99 /12 month

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. The suggestions and tips given in this app do not represent medical opinion. This app integrates optionally with the Health App.
Ted Liao