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Super Safe Buster

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Super Safe Buster

Match the dial with the correct sequence and you can crack the code and open the safe. But be careful the tumbler inside spins as well and gets faster. Fail to bust the safe and you'll have to start that level all over again, but finish the level without failing and you'll get a score bonus that carries over to the next level as well as getting a shot at the gold in the safe.

playable on Apple Watch as well, play the fun wherever you don't want to use your phone.

Sure, anyone can pop a lock but can you bust the safe, get the bonuses and become a master safe cracker?

Play the "pickiest" game on mobile!

** "The action doesn't end. It just gets harder and harder." **
** "Very Addictive." **


Key features:
• Endless action
• Vivid bold look and feel
• Easy to play, hard to play awesome
• quick pick up and play game style
• single finger tap and play

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