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Shapa is not a diet and exercise program - it's unique platform that pairs a numberless scale with a user-friendly app to motivate you toward healthy lifestyle changes. You'll get a tailored program based on your personality, habits, and environment to help you achieve long-term weight management success.

Measure Progress Not Weight:

No more love-hate relationship with your scale. It's normal for weight to fluctuate daily, and the way traditional scales are designed actually hinders your progress.

Get a More Accurate Sense of Your Health:

Instead of seeing your weight, our system uses smart algorithms to tell you your Shapa Color and your Shapa Age, truer metrics of your actual health.

Personalized to You:

Shapa analyzes your unique personality, preferences, environment, habits, and lifestyle. As a result, your Shapa apps recommends personalized activities called Missions that are right for YOU.


Shapa Color and Shapa Age: These are better feedback mechanisms to replace seeing your weight.  As you progress, you'll see your Shapa Color and Shapa Age improve!

Missions: Small, simple daily actions that are personalized to you.

Progress Review: Track your and celebrate your progress in your Shapa program.

Integration With Fitness Devices: Shapa allows you to sync with the Apple Health app and many other fitness platforms to record your fitness data. With this fitness data, Shapa will provide additional feedback about your activity in the Progress Review screen.

Vacation Mode: You can take a pause so as not to effect your progress over time. Or take Shapa with you, it loves to travel too! 

Shapa Streak: Keep your weigh-in streak alive every time you step on the Shapa.

Community: Invite people to Shapa, share your progress

Amazon Alexa: Get your Alexa to read out your daily Missions.

Design: Shapa is sleek circular design (in cherry, oak, black, orange) so that it looks like it belongs in your home.

Why Shapa? We all know that weight gain is linked to serious health risks, from heart disease to diabetes. But for most of us, losing weight is an uphill battle. Shapa takes a behavioral science approach that understands the psychology behind why it’s difficult to lose weight.

Developed by leading social scientist Dan Ariely, Shapa guides you to long-term weight management success through achieving healthy milestones in a personalized program. Shapa pairs an innovative device with a user-friendly app to analyze, track, and motivate you. Shapa is not a diet and exercise program - it is a long term health solution.
Shapa Inc.