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My Hotel Room

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My Hotel Room

Hotels today don't often have the number on that plastic card that opens your room (for good security reasons).

So how do you remember your hotel room ?

With My hotel Room (NB) of course !
With both a Apple Watch and iPhone interface you are never far away from that information.

My Hotel Room (NB) lets you store your number easily (you can even use your voice to store your room number on your watch).

You can also store the location, a photo to help your memory and some notes.

(Watch lets you dictate notes and also store your location, sorry no photo from watch :) )

The app badge on the iPhone will also indicate your room number to save you even more time.

And need directions back to your hotel ? Just click the directions button in the tool bar and there you go !

The watch interface even includes a Glance view which makes life super easy !
Nic Betts