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Currencies On The Move

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Currencies On The Move

You need a reliable and easy-to-use currency converter when you're on a trip abroad? Currencies On The Move converts about any currency, with or without an internet connection, with the most convenient interface.

This app is made for travelers, not for traders: no complicated graphs, but a plain and simple interface that you can use with just one hand out of your pocket, swiping between your favorite currencies.

You don't have an internet connection or don't want to pay expensive roaming costs? No problem, the app will use the last updated rates, which are stored on your device.

You need to calculate a tip or a discount? Or to sum up 2 prices? We got you covered with a built-in calculator.

All major foreign currencies are included, but if you want another you can add one of the 160+ auto-updating currencies (rates are updated daily) or create your own.

You may even include your bank fees or change the font style if that's what you wish.

And if you're the lucky owner of an Apple Watch™, you'll be able to convert all the currencies you have on your phone directly on the watch.

100% ad-free, and no in-app purchase either: once you have purchased the app, you get all the features. No hidden tricks.
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