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iText for Apple Watch

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iText for Apple Watch

Do you need a text right on your wrist to use it when necessary? Download "iText for Apple Watch" and upload every kind of text on your wereable device!
The app allows you to upload up to three texts in three different sections that helps you to catalog your extracts. If you need to write different chapters or if you want to have more words in your hand, just use all the sections!

If your notes are strictly secret, you can use the "Emergency button" to hide them and to show on the Apple Watch's display customizable fake watch face with:

• Real hours and minutes in different styles;
• Fake calendary events;
• Fake remaining battery;
• Fake Stocks;
• Fake Activity progress indicator;

Our app's main functions are:

• Five sections for five different argument or for different texts;
• Instant text upload on Apple Watch;
• Internet connection not needed;
• iPhone connection NOT NEEDED (thanks to WatchOS2.0 native apps support);
• Emergency button to hide your notes from prying eyes;
• Customizable emergency batch's face;
• Low impact on battery life;

Developer declines every responsibilities for consequences derived from your use of the app.
Francesco Vezzoli