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MySmartBlinds turns any home into a smart home by automating horizontal 2-inch blinds. Your blinds will automatically open, close and adjust at schedules you set. Also automate your blinds any time via the app.

• Sync changes from multiple smart phones using the same account
• Quickly open or close blinds with Smart Open and Smart Close buttons
• Gradual tilt option moves blinds silently
• Set up multiple weekly schedules per room
• Sun tracking adjusts blind schedules with seasonal sun position change (requires firmware 1.5 or higher)
• Energy savings feature closes your blinds if it gets hot. (requires firmware 2.0 or higher)
• Quiet motion: you won't hear the blinds move when they close/open on schedule (requires firmware 2.0 or higher)
• Control blinds away from home with an optional Smart Bridge
• Conveniently control various blind position and adjustment presets with optional Smart Switch

MySmartBlinds is a premium home-automation kit. The app is free to install, but it requires the purchase of one or more MySmartBlinds retrofit kits to control your blinds. Kits can be purchased from or from the Store menu item in the app.