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Discover emergenzy app for monitoring your safety, health, well-being and still more….

Our security and wellness are invaluable! In an emergency situation, it is imperative to let your loved ones know you’re in trouble and where to locate you as promptly as possible.

Emergenzy app has been inspired and developed to act as security guard to protect your life wherever you go and anyplace you live!

When people feel at risk, usually, they give way to a wave of panic and anguish; these persons tend to forget the phone numbers or face considerable difficulties to dial a phone number.

In an attempt to scroll through all your contacts, you may mess up everything and find yourself in a chaotic situation.

Emergenzy app has been developed to bridge this gap:
with one simple touch on your iphone, the alert is triggered and your emergenzy contacts are immediately notified of your threat.

Emergenzy Iphone app is the fastest and most feature rich way to connect in an emergency situation.

Moreover, through the GPS characteristic, not only your location will be transmitted but recorded video and audio also will be conveyed.

This app has the option to track your location in the background. “Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Another motivating aspect of this app is the nearby users’ notification. The emergenzy iphone presents innovative features to locate proximity, neighboring users. It is also the implementation of pathways to the sensitive areas. It can definitely assist as it is an essential, very attractive and beneficial tool for community members, families, senior citizens, group of youngsters for peace of mind.

Additionally, with the Apple Family Sharing option, you have the opportunity to share the Emergenzy app generously up to a group of five people approximately.

This app integrates Health kit, specifically the Apple Watch app will monitor your heart rate to alert your contact of your current physiological state.

With no doubt, this emergenzy app is the key for any unexpected emergency situation, giving you all the possibilities to overwhelm fear and torment moments and assuring a peaceful state of mind.

Pay your Emergenzy app ONCE and enjoy the benefits of this app for a lifetime.
Julien K/Nell