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Web on Your Watch

Paste this code into your website: Customize

Web on Your Watch

Watch on your Apple Watch your favorite Website

- Pinch, Zoom, Set the starting point from the smartphone
- Choose the size of Browser
- Choose your favorite website to watch
- Scroll the page up and down with your watch
- Auto Refresh in background (keep the application open on the smartphone)
- Update only if there is new content available
- Reload From Apple Watch
- Improved Glance Interface
- Push Notification
- Force Reload
- Favorites Management
- Force Height Settings
- Tutorial with Random Image
- Directly from the watch you can browse the history and pick website
- Directly from the watch you can speach the website url to be loaded like
- Navigation of WebSite Links
- Notification Center Widget
- https certificate support

Please enable push notifies to allow the application communicate with the watch and preload website in background.

Video Tutorial:

To enable the HTTPS authentication you need to do the following steps:
1) Export your certificate to PFX format with password as the domain name: example will be
2) Rename this PFX file as
3) Mail it to yourself
4) tap and hold on the file you will see WebWatch popup
5) Import into WebWatch
6) Navigate on your https:// secure website