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TUNE provides accurate and intuitive chromatic tuning for over 30 different instruments.

From cello to trumpet, guitar to clarinet, TUNE ensures you’re always playing in perfect pitch.

Whether you play brass, woodwind, strings, an acoustic or electric guitar, TUNE guarantees your instrument is always sounding its best.

If you want a tuner that:
• Is free, simple, and intuitive to use
• You can tune to any pitch or frequency
• You can use whenever, wherever you are
• You can improve your perfect pitch skills with

Then download TUNE and make your instrument sing.


Is your instrument compatible with TUNE?

TUNE was developed and tested by professional musicians who regularly perform in ensembles, bands, and orchestras. As a result, it’s compatible with over 30 instruments.

TUNE is for you if you play:
• A fretted instrument (i.e. ukulele or an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar)
• A fretless instrument (i.e. violin, cello, or contrabass)
• A brass or woodwind instrument (i.e. clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, or trombone)


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