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Surveillance Pet & Dog Monitor

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Surveillance Pet & Dog Monitor

No matter where you are, at the office or on holidays, you will be able to easily monitor your pet from your device. Surveillance for Animals App allows you to remotely monitor your pet while you are away thanks to a live video feed.

It’s very simple to use Surveillance for Animals:
1. Install the application on two devices with the same email
2. First device where you can see your pet
3. Second device is the camera monitoring your pet


If there is an issue with your pet, your application immediately detects the sound and you will be informed on your device. Sound sensitivity can be set in the application settings.

Monitor your Pet and Talk

You can monitor your pet and even speak using your device’s microphone.

Connect more than one device simultaneously to the camera. Everyone in your family will be able to see your pet at the same time on their devices

Choose your video feed, switch from the front to the back camera without moving.

PRIVACY: No data from our application Surveillance for animals will be stored without your knowledge. Video feed is protected and you are the only one who can access it.

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