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It's hard to remember the score in tennis, especially after a long point which distracts everyone. Use WatchPoint to keep track of the score on your Apple Watch as you play. WatchPoint keeps track of the game score, number of games and sets won.

Start WatchPoint, select the number of sets you intend to play, and hit play. Tap on the winner's score after each point to add that point to the score. Watchpoint displays the score in brilliant large type that's easy to read. Hit the wrong score? Just do a deep press on the watch to bring up the Undo menu. If the end of the set is tied, you get to choose between scoring using normal win by two or using a tiebreaker. There's even a setting for no-ad scoring and to adjust the number of points for a tiebreaker.

When you're done playing, your game history in sets appears in the iPhone iOS app. If you allow the app to access your calendar, it will record your tennis scores directly into your calendar.

WatchPoint displays the server score on top, so just read top to bottom for normal scoring.

No more arguments, bad feelings, and wrong scores. For the cost of a can of balls, you can keep the score right on your Apple Watch.

WatchPoint integrates with the Health App, to indicate that you are starting a tennis workout session. It also does this to keep WatchPoint in the foreground while you are playing your point, so it will be running when you're ready to enter the score. Other than data normally stored within the Health App for a workout session, no other health related data is stored or accessed or retained by WatchPoint.