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Trigger 3

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Trigger 3

Touchable trigonometry.

Trigger fosters a deeper understanding of trigonometry by building your geometric intuition.

The dynamic, touchable "Complete Triangle" figure interprets the six standard trig values as lengths of segments. As the associated angle changes, segments shrink to nothingness or stretch out to infinity, making the nature of individual values clear. The segments also combine to form numerous similar right triangles, revealing many relationships among the values as simple geometric properties. Trigger's dual calculator displays allow for exploring these relationships numerically.

▶ Re-designed to support larger-screen (and much-smaller-screen!) devices.
▶ Values are visible while editing calculators.

For information on the Complete Triangle figure, see the document "(Almost) Everything You Need to Remember about Trig, in One Simple Diagram", available at the Tricochet website.