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Shopping Share

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Shopping Share

ShoppingShare is an intuitive and easy-to-use shopping list management app.
Keep your lists personal or share them with your family.

▶ Now your shopping list stays with you everywhere you go.
▶ Create your shopping list at the home or in the office, and take it with you on the go.

▶ Our Family sharing feature syncs all your records and shopping lists between family members.
▶ Built from the ground up, ShoppingShare’s cloud storage is fast, reliable and in realtime.


• Create Multiple Shopping Lists for your favorite store, supermarket and groceries
• General List for regular purchases
• Easy to use and navigate. Adding and removing items is a simple.
• No need to re-enter items: Mark already purchased items as incompleted
• Convenient completed items filter
• Fast switching between categories
• 'Have coupon' mark to keep coupons and promotion coupons
• Pre-defined and custom categories to easily organize your list by aisle and store department
• Use your device camera, photo library or Internet search to assign images

Sharing features:

• Real-time lists sharing between family members
• Privacy control: Choose which lists or items are invisible to others
• Share custom categories
• 'Item purchased' notification when an item is purchased
• List level changes notifications
• 'Check the list' message saves time on having to call family members

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