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GestLaunch 2

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GestLaunch 2

GestLaunch lets you quickly perform many complex tasks just by drawing on your screen!

You only need to associate a gesture to an action. As soon as you'll launch the app, a recognition view will appear, and by drawing letters, numbers, words, shapes... you will be redirected to a task.

Through the NC Widget you can quickly enable/disable cellular data, add a reminder, translate the text you copied, share the images on your clipboard and much more!

If you also own an Apple Watch, you will be even able to launch apps and actions by rapidly selecting them from your wrist!

The main supported actions are:
• Launch an App
• Call (FaceTime/FaceTime Audio/Phone)
• Control Cellular-Data/WiFi/Hotspot/Location
• Define Clipboard Text (Dictionary)
• Google Maps Place from Clipboard
• Google Maps Directions from Clipboard
• Instagram Camera
• Mail
• Mail To
• Maps Directions
• Maps Directions from Clipboard
• Maps Place from Clipboard
• Message
• Message To
• New Event
• New Event (Fantastical)
• New Reminder
• New Reminder (Fantastical)
• New Tweet
• New Tweet (Tweetbot)
• New Tweet from Clipboard
• New Tweet from Clioboard (Tweetbot)
• Open Website
• Run a Workflow (Workflow)
• Search Clipboard Text on Google
• Search Clipboard Text on IMDb
• Share Last Image
• Share Clipboard Images
• Speak Clipboard Text
• Translate Clipboard Text
• WhatsApp Message from Clipboard
• WolframAlpha Query from Clipboard

Note: it's also possible to manually add custom URLs.
Massimo Piazza