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BlockJockey is the best tool to explore Bitcoin related data. The app provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant economic and technical data in a dashboard as well as charts regarding the development of specific quantities over time.


Get statistics data for the most interesting aspects of the Bitcoin blockchain:
• Bitcoin price and trading volume
• Market capitalization
• Transaction count and volume
• Mined blocks and average mining time
• Miners’ revenues
• Total network hash rate and difficulty


Get chart data ranging from the beginning of the Bitcoin network just until now:
• Chose the time period of interest
• Pick your preferred zoom level
• Scroll the chart to the area of interest
• Move the date selector right in the chart
• Alternatively swipe at the bottom half of the screen


Get geographical data for the world-wide distribution of the full nodes constituting the Bitcoin network
• Zoom the map to see node count on country, region or location level
• Chose statistics per country, user agent, provider or population
• Filter data for criteria of interest
• Select entries for a detailed view of single nodes
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