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by OneX
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by OneX
GPS Tracking System

Designed for small or large operations, The OneX GPS tracking system will ensure you always have business critical information at hand, whether you have one or one thousand vehicles. Analyse, manage, and communicate with your fleet of vehicles in real-time, reducing your operating costs, improving your productivity and bottom line.

OneX GPS Tracking System Features

- Manage your fleet
- Reduce Fuel Costs
- Theft Recovery
- Improve Fleet Safety
- Improve Productivity
- Reduce Labor Costs
- Improve Response Times
- Extend Your Fleet's Life
- Improve Customer Service
- Make Your Fleet Greener
- Improve Invoice Accuracy

Equipment Tracking

Tracking heavy equipment such as bobcats, excavators and other valuable assets is essential for any construction business. Did you know that insurance companies will force owners to install GPS tracking devices with monitoring before processing any insurance policy for construction equipment. Have piece of mind by securing your assets with a OneX GPS Tracking device specifically designed for construction.

Why choose OneX for your equipment tracking?

- Instant Locate
- Ignition Kill
- Real time GPS Tracking
- Monitor with your own GPS Tracking system
- Remote access