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Loka Nota

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Loka Nota

Loka Nota makes it super easy and a whole lot of fun to record, play and mix sounds.

Use Loka Nota to record music, voices, jokes, greetings, theatre, poetry, stories, nature, and much more!

Recording has never been easier or faster.

On iPhone and iPad, you can record any sound with just three taps: one to start, one to stop, and one to save each recording.

On Apple Watch it takes only two taps: one to start and one to stop, because the second tap also saves the recording.

To further minimize recording overhead and help you identify and retrieve recordings at a later time, recordings are automatically numbered, colored and geotagged.

Give recordings descriptive names, such as: "Paola's guitar recital of 10/28/17" or "Kaitlyn's first rap song," and take advantage of the built-in search feature to easily find specific recordings.

Tag recordings with key words like: "scary," "funny," or "glockenspiel" to quickly select recordings with the same tag.

Sort recordings by name, date recorded, duration and distance from your current location.

Play recordings by touching the color-coded keys on Loka Nota's finger-friendly keyboard.

Mix sounds to create new and exciting compositions and rhythms. Be creative and explore different ways to express yourself with sounds!

Share your favorite recordings by playing them live through Bluetooth connected speakers, or sending them to friends and family through social media and messaging apps.

Last but not least, recordings are automatically sync'ed to your iCloud account and iOS devices.

Get Loka Nota today and discover how much fun you can have recording, playing and mixing sounds!
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